Content and data

“IMI’s use of multichannel media has helped develop our dialogue directly with the technology departments of our potential clients. We have and will continue to work with the IMI team to create product demand”
– Marketing Director, HP

content and data

Content and Data

Content and Data Data is the fuel of our business – it is how we function efficiently. By creating content that is relevant and engaging through detailed and Informed Market Intelligence we are able to work with you to produce content your audience wants. Additionally, relevant data can make or break a marketing campaign so it’s vital for us to have access to a wealth of high-quality data at our disposal.

Over the last 10 years we have become a trusted source for decision makers globally due to our content. As a result we now have the ability to build laser targeted custom data, in-house, on a campaign by campaign basis. This data can be used internally to super-charge campaign delivery, or externally through bespoke data build work for our clients.

It’s this function, combined with our pre-existing Data Universe and access to subscription services that really sets us apart from the rest.

content and data

ABM – Account Based Marketing

Build a database of contacts from a specific list of accounts you wish to target

Account Based Marketing is an increasingly popular approach, with more and more of our clients wishing to target specific lists of accounts. This can be current customers clients want to promote new products to or lists of organisations they do not currently have as clients.

Traditionally, like most B2B lead generation companies, we would have been limited to the volume of data we already had in our database that matches the list of organisations our clients want to target. This means not being able to take on significant volumes for ABM campaigns and even having to turn down work occasionally due to lack of data for the relevant organisations.

With our Data Build function we can now locate and utilise contacts that we don’t have in our databases via contact research. This opens up our ability to commit to larger volumes on ABM requests and fulfil almost any brief sent our way.

content and data

Custom Data Builds

Struggling to find accurate, relevant data for your campaign filters? We can help!

Many of our clients suffer from the same data acquisition issues we used to experience. We’ve since started offering our custom data builds as a service. Our clients let us know what job functions they wish to target, what industries and company sizes are relevant and what regions they would like to acquire data in. We then build this data from scratch for them, ensuring it matches their campaign requirements.

The use of LinkedIn and company websites means that we can find accurate, up to date contacts highly likely to be in the roles and industries our clients require. We have found this accuracy out-performs any data provider we’ve ever worked with, and our clients are finding the same results.

We may not be able to provide tens of thousands of contacts overnight, but we can guarantee the quality of a smaller volume of data will provide better ROI than any bulk purchase from a data broker or provider. It’s simply a matter of quality over quantity.

We operate a replacement guarantee – if any leads are not accepted
to client criteria, we replace them at no additional charge

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