“The best and brightest influencers already know that podcasts are the wave of the future.”


Where blogs and videos have their place, podcasts are quickly becoming an ideal format for delivering messages about products or services or getting an expert’s opinion on important issues. Adverts are ignored, but podcasts are informative and engage the listener in their leisure time, leaving a long-lasting impression.


  • Compiled with 150/300 words
  • Hosted on EM360tech
  • Social media distribution

Zoom In

  • Interview with the boss
  • Profile on the business
  • Summary of company results
  • Future of the company

Head to Head

  • Real-life cases debated
  • Solutions offered
  • Approx 15 mins duration
  • Key industry thought-leader

Podcast Series

  • Real-life cases debated
  • Solutions offered
  • Key industry thought-leader

Roundtable Discussion

What is it?

A roundtable discussion is typically a conversation between an analyst and an end-user to tackle real-world problems. We invite up to two companies into each recording to offer thoughts and solutions. These recordings get turned into a 45 minute programme which gets distributed on EM360 Tech Radio and Podcast channels.


Key Benefits

  • High engagement rates
  • Subtle but effective way to deliver messages to audiences
  • 45 minutes in length fits into a listeners commute
  • 40% of people who listen to podcasts will ether research or trial the products mentioned
  • If someone likes one episode there is a 98% chance they’ll listen to the next episode

A simple 3 step process:


  • We will schedule a 30 minute consultation to ensure your messages are encapsulated into one powerful podcast or series
  • All questions will be sent to the client prior to the recording
  • You will have a head-to-head with the analyst


global distribution


  • Recording will take no longer than 1 hour of your thought-leader’s time
  • Meet up on a VOIP platform
  • All you need is external microphone, headphones and a quiet location
  • Post-recording and editing process will be typically completed in 3 working days
  • All recordings will be approved by the client before release and distribution

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