Video production

“90% of Viewers find video content helpful in making buying decisions.”


Video Production

By nature we are attracted to motion, sound and human faces; therefore video can be the most efficient way of communicating and establishing rapport with your audience.

EM360 create a wide range of high-quality video content to support your marketing mix. You can use video to entice new customers, fortify existing relationships or attract new talent.

Once we’ve honed in on the focus of your video we consider your budget, goals and target audience to make a video fits you. We meet your needs and arrange to procure and create all the necessary visuals, audio and graphics to illustrate your key message.

Thinking outside the box – Of course we understand that sometimes there can be crossover between these options, so we will talk to you and listen until we really get it. Perhaps you need to break your message into more easily digestible bite-size pieces. We can save you time and money by recording a series of videos that hone in on a linked narrative.

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