An interactive whitepaper takes a passive reading experience of a PDF and transforms it into an engaging and dynamic user journey

Interactive Content

Virtually any piece of content can be made into a unique interactive experience. This benefits from an enhanced level of communication in delivering your message, be it from an interactive version of a whitepaper or flashy landing page for your product launch. We will be happy to talk you through planning, production and launch.

  • Whitepapers
    Interactive whitepapers are becoming more popular and offer a great way of increasing engagement
  • eLearning
    eLearning can improve delivery of complex knowledge and offer a great way to educate online
  • Reports
    Interactive reports are proven to be more effective and engaging than traditional static documents
  • Landing pages
    Landing pages can be used to target markets with different messages for the same product/service
  • A microsite offers many options for hosting multiple content items in one area for any product/service
  • Product demo software or hardware can benefit from an online/ interactive video demo to showcase the product


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