Raising the level of leads in a business intelligence audience


To target the right business intelligence audience and raise the quality of leads.

Business Need

Birst is a UK-based business intelligence and analytics company that helps organisations understand complex processes quicker than traditional BI solutions. The company came to Enterprise Management 360, an IMI Publishing division, to raise the quality of their leads so that they could engage with more enterprise-size companies. Furthermore, Birst were seeking to more finely identify and target the right business intelligence professionals within organisations, as this is not always obvious.

Plan of action

EM360 swiftly devised a strategic project plan, outlining what was needed on both sides and when. The EM360 editorial team then created videos and podcasts on behalf of Birst that were all on-brand and effectively communicated Birst’s offering.

After distributing the content through EM360’s various channels, we began delivering the leads generated. In this case, the teams at Birst were wary of overwhelming their sales department, so EM360 strategised a plan whereby a certain number of leads would be passed on every week.


Birst was delighted to find that the leads delivered had matched the exact criteria set at the beginning of the campaign, meaning EM360 had successfully raised their level and quality. The Birst sales team were not overwhelmed by the passing over of leads at any point, meaning they could ensure higher quality follow-ups in turn.

Birst also appreciated EM360 highlighting good leads outside of the target demographic. What’s more, Birst acknowledged EM360’s presence and championing of clients at trade shows, which is one of the many ways we like to raise brand awareness.

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