Effectively communicating the brand message to specific audiences


To coordinate an engaging, brand-led editorial and marketing message to a specific demographic

Business Need

Digital Realty is a San Francisco-based real estate investment trust focused on carrier-neutral data centres. The company came to Enterprise Management 360, an IMI Publishing division, to coordinate an editorial and marketing message for its desired audience. In particular, Digital Realty sought to tap into EM360’s email marketing, lead generation, and podcasting capabilities to generate leads – and ultimately revenue – for the business

Plan of action

EM360 created high-quality and engaging content on behalf of Digital Realty, including podcasts, a Q&A, analyst collaborations, and email push campaigns. As well as creating the content, EM360 hosted and distributed the assets too.

We also took the time to understand Digital Realty’s target audience, which included defining their preferred job titles, geographic location, industry, company size, and revenue.


After creating some killer content for Digital Realty, EM360 was able to deliver commercial success to the client. In particular:

  • 13% of those targeted considered making a purchase within the next six months.
  • 22% planned to implement Digital Realty’s solution in the next 12-24 months.
  • 26% were open to discussion about implementing Digital Realty’s solution in the future.
  • 29% organised meetings within the first twelve months of the content’s creation.

The teams at Digital Realty were highly satisfied with the quality of the leads, content, and campaign overall. The client also recognised our ability to keep ahead of the publishing curve and acknowledged the friendly yet professional mannerisms of our teams.

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