Content Syndication

Get more eyes on your assets and increase your brand awareness through content syndication with IMI.

By syndicating your content with IMI, you can tap into our already-established and ever-growing global community. We can put your content in front of your target audience and help you expand your reach, generating interest and leads as a result. Better still, we have the capability to host a range of content types, so you can choose from your entire asset portfolio.

Why IMI?

  • We’ll ensure your content reaches your exact target audience within our ever-growing global community.
  • As well as hosting the content, we’ll make some noise through social media promotion on our social media channels.
  • We’ll also take care of the distribution by sending the assets out via email blast and the EM360 platform.

Results You Can Expect

Broader Reach

By syndicating your assets with IMI Publishing, you can tap into our well-established network of business professionals

Multiple Syndicated Assets

The more, the merrier. We can syndicate multiple assets to help you reach a wider audience

Performance Analytics Insights

We’ll keep you updated with the analytics and insights gathered from each of your syndicated assets

Driving Traffic

Within your syndicated content, we’ll link back to any relevant web pages that you would like our audience to visit

Client Results