If the podcast explosion is anything to go by, it’s time to make some noise. Get your message across by joining an Editor or Analyst for a podcast

CxO, IT, and business professionals are a busy bunch, but like everyone else, they’ve been brightening up their daily commutes with podcasts that pique their interest. We’ve created countless educational, insightful, and entertaining podcasts that our audience love to tune into, while also getting our clients’ company messages across. Why not join the pod-wagon and make someone’s morning too?

Why IMI?

  • As well as creating your podcast, we’ll also take care of the distribution, allowing you to tap into our ever-growing community of business professionals.
  • Recording a podcast with us is an easy process that’s enjoyable for all. Just meet us on a VoIP platform and let the discussion begin!
  • Our conversational podcasts are part of our commitment to letting the human side of your business shine through. It’s just nicer that way.

Results You Can Expect

Available Anywhere

Your EM360 podcast will be made available on Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, and wherever else you get your podcast fix

Social Media Promotions

We love to show off our clients’ podcasts by celebrating them on our social media channels

In-depth Interviews

If you want your podcast to get into the nitty gritty, we can arrange an interview with an industry analyst

High levels of engagement

Podcasts have notoriously high conversion rates, and if you record with us, we can show you the metrics to prove it

Client Results